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Beware: Chemicals October 23, 2009

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Just because a product smells good, doesn’t mean it’s good for you to smell.

Many products that have been available for us to buy and use in our homes are creating a toxic enviroment.  The old attage “buyer beware” has taken on a whole new meaning.  Get back to the basics.  Vinegar, baking soda, salt, castille soap are among the few products that are inexpensive and not harmful.  You may be thinking, it’s just easier to buy one of these “versatile” products, open the bottle and clean everything in site.   It really isn’t.  Most of the products I’ve listed are already in your kitchen.  If you don’t have Castille soap, you should.  It’s been around for generations.  It’s easy on the environment and your skin.  I buy mine at Trader Joe’s.

There are also some great new green products on the market.  Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyers, Holy Cow, to name a few.  You do need to be aware of companies touting the “green” label.   Companies are making millions on us.

Hope this helps, more to come….


2 Responses to “Beware: Chemicals”

  1. Laura Echtinaw Says:

    Question: Do you have a cleaning recipe? For example, sometimes I use vinegar, lemon juice and alittle bleach for cleaning. I never know how much of each to use. Then sometimes my kitchen smells like vinegar. YUK!!!! Your thoughts?

    • blackkat40 Says:

      Depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Killing germs and bacteria? Degreasing? Stain removal? I personally never use bleach. It is soo caustic. I know vinegar can leave a smell but it’s a great disinfectant. Tell me what you want to clean and I’ll give you a solution. kath

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